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What Users Are Saying? 

"This is the solution I have been looking for since my GeoStar/MultiPlane days, over 15 years ago.
Thanks guys.
Arnie Hinkson, Hinkson Land Tech, NE, USA

"I was frankly amazed!! I had expected to see upwards of 100 thousand cubic metres to sort this job out. OptiSurface came in at 27 thousand cubic metres, saving my client many tens of thousands of dollars and keeping my company ahead of the competition and profitable. Thanks again.”
Neil Garson, Garson & Company, Australia

"I am truly impressed.  It scares me a little because I thought more soil would need to be moved.  
Plus, it can not be that easy."

Rick Greene, Precision Manager, MFA, USA

"WOW!! I believe this is going to herald a new future in landforming."
Dave Davies, Mechanized Ag. Consultants L.L.C., Africa

“OptiSurface is great software which saves me a lot of time to plan and in the field saves a lot of money and time to make my land an optimum shape.” 
Donald Lambert, Farmer, Canada

"The software is awesome, particularly now that I’m figuring out how the design zones work. Your support center with the knowledge base has been really helpful. Thanks for all the support!
Tage Stam, Geotrim, Finland

"OptiSurface Designer delivers an 80% reduction in design time but more significantly up to a 90% reduction in earthworks."
Lew Brandon, BMS LaserSat, Australia.

  “OptiSurface designs are going great.
Our clients love the ponding, and runoff analysis features. At the moment we are busy with the earthworks for an 
OptiSurface design and its going great." 
Corriee De Boer, JD Hoffman Earthmoving, Africa

"We've had about 12" of rain and water has been flowing through that paddock we OptiSurfaced, but it is draining brilliantly. You can't believe how much better it is!"
Wade Bidstrup, Aloe Farming Co, Australia

"I am really impressed with your software. It seems to me the only way forward for land grading in agriculture. Well done."
Tony Crowley, Independent Agricultural Resources Pty Ltd, Australia 

"Algorithms are the best in the business, no question. Bigger earthworks savings."
Andrew Sevil, "Whyenbah" Farm, Australia 

 "OptiSurface greatly reduces my farm development costs and just as importantly minimises topsoil distrubance."
David Cox, Davco Farming, Australia

"You can't change the way people think, all you can do is give them a tool, the use of which will change their thinking."
Buckminster Fuller, Not a user but a great quote 

Our Story

We believe good surface drainage is crucial to achieving a highly productive and efficient farming operation.  

We farm and fully understand the benefits of precision surface drainage of agricultural fields. We were one of the first growers in the world to use laser levelling in sugarcane production starting back in the 1970s. It was a tremendous leap in technology enabling the transformation of basic land into highly efficient and very productive farming operations. However, the problem with laser levelling and its corresponding multiple plane designs is that we often see more than 4 times the earthworks compared to the new technology. Apart from the much larger earthmoving cost that this involves, it also scalps a lot more topsoil which can have significant impacts on crop yields for decades. We continue to develop land for sugarcane farming and saw the opportunity that GPS machine control offered in solving the limitations of laser levelling. So over ten years ago, we set about coming up with a system that took full advantage of this new technology. That is what we call Optimum Surface Landforming™ or OptiSurface™.

Farmer Benefits

  • Lowest earthmoving cost with minimal topsoil movement
  • Higher crop yield, quality and uniformity
  • More timely machiney operations - Plant, spray and harvest on time
  • Better water infiltration uniformity and water use efficiency
  • Minimise infield drains - greater farmed area and more efficient machinery operations
  • Lower equipment wear and tear 
  • Lower compaction
  • Increased land value

Consultant Benefits
  • Offer new services:
    - Topographic surveys
    - Topographic analysis and maps
    - OptiSurface Designs
  • Open new markets - millions of hectares previously unviable to landform
  • Easy to learn software
  • Lower design effort and skill compared to other methods
  • Pay as you go software
  • Join OptiSurface Network and get opportunities

Contractor Benefits
  • Expand your business - open your market up to millions of hectares previously unviable to landform
  • Win more jobs with lowest cost drainage solution
  • Lower machinery expenses, wear and tear, fuel etc 
  • Join OptiSurface Network and get opportunities

Save 50% to 80%
In Earthworks When Agricultural
Land Grading



 Achieve Drainage & Irrigation Objectives With Much Lower Earthworks By Following Natural Land Surface Curvature 



 Lowest Earthworks & Lowest Topsoil Disturbance Guarantee With Unique Patented Technology


 Eliminate or Minimize Infield Ditches/Drains.

Used Worldwide With






OptiSurface® Overview

For leading farmers, agricultural consultants and earthmoving contractors who want to improve farm profitability through improved water management, OptiSurface Designer is the worlds most powerful analysis and design software for agricultural landforming. It calculates the optimised field topography that satisfies water management goals whilst minimising earthworks and without ditches. It does this using our patented system incorporating Infinitely Variable Grades™ (IVG™) along with 3D GPS machine control technology.

Our Double Barrel Guarantee

(1) If you purchase our OptiSurface Designer software and you do not SAVE AT LEAST $10,000 in earthworks in your first 500 acres (200ha), then all you have to do is send me your OptiSurface designs along with the comparison designs from any other software proving you did not make that saving - and I'll give you your money back, every penny.


 (2) If you are unsatisfied in any way and email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it within 30 days, I'll will also give you your money back, no questions. 


OptiSurface® Co-Founder Wins PrecisonAg Award

Davco OptiSurface Co-Founder David Cox (right) receiving the 2012 Precision Farmer Of The Year Award from PrecisionAg Institute director Elliott Nowels in Indianapolis, USA for his pioneering Precision Agriculture developments including OptiSurface.

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