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Got These Problems?

Crippling Your Farm

  • Depressions/Ponding

  • Uneven Infiltration

  • Erosion

These lead to a myriad of cascading problems such as delayed planting, spraying and harvesting, increased weeds, pest & disease, nutrient loss, waterlogged or dead crops, etc, etc...   Ultimately lowering your income, increasing costs and reducing farm profit. In the worst case scenario, sending you bankrupt.

Problem Solved!

For growers worldwide in all sorts of crops, climates and farming systems.

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"The biggest benefit is getting the field drained and we can get in there in a timely fashion and get things planted."

"The field is now far more efficient to farm and the yield increased tremendously."

"The landforming has probably made me more money on that ground than anything I have ever done."

Stan Holsapple
Holsapple Farms, USA

"We've had about 12" of rain and water has been flowing through that paddock we OptiSurfaced, but it is draining brilliantly. You can't believe how much better it is!"

"We harvested about 20 per cent more crop from the OptiSurfaced area following a flood in March.  We are confident the investment is already paying off."

Wade Bidstrup
Aloe Farming, Australia

"Ponding is a huge issue here. This farm has probably lost a third of its yield for the last 30 years to ponding."

"This experiment has been a spectacular success since I managed to squeeze out 200 bushels per acre off of this farm which many people previously consider not suitable for corn."

"The improvement in [machinery] productivity is also amazing! It's absolutely remarkable how much quicker we can plant, spray and harvest this field with so many of the ditches removed."

Craig Craft
Craft Farms, USA

"We're impressed by the comprehensive way you go about the design, looking at all the options and the most cost effective way of getting the drainage right."

"We are very happy with your service and the outcomes have been excellent."
Recommendation Rating: 9/10

Tristan Nitschke
Nitschke Farming, Australia

"After significant rainfall, I flew up in my plane and got some pictures. As far as you can see, ponds are gleaming in everybody's field. I looked into my field which I have just completed and there wasn't one pond standing on that field."

"Everything I have OptiSurfaced, I haven't had to replant anything (due to drown outs). That's pretty cool! I've also got rid of dozens of surface drains (inlet pipes)"

Jeff Kelly
Frymire Farms, USA

"I was impressed by just how little work had to be done, have we'd been doing it the traditional way of moving dirt in the early 90s, we would have done 4x the work."

Michael Gray
Wakefield Partners, USA

"Instead of doing dirt work by laser and having to cut as much as 500 cu.yd/ac, on the same farm, we were lowering it to as little as 125 cu.yd/ac. Doing it at a much lower cost and with a lot less destruction to the top soil."

Bobby Hoard
Hoard Farms, USA

"Going from 2 tons/ha with 850mm of rain in 5 months to 5-6tons/ha with 800mm of rain in 5 months, makes landforming plus your designs, creating outstanding work. In afrikaans we say it’s “uitstekende werk” (excellent work)!"

Gerhard Botha
Farmer, Botha Familie Trust, South Africa

" I certainly recommend Optisurface to everyone who have to do land levelling.  Also, I want to thank you for the good support and everything else you were doing for me in the past months."                               Recommendation Rating: 9/10

Jonathan Beaudry
Consultant, Club Soleillevant, Quebec, Canada

"Have the best tech support I have ever worked with.  GREAT product and service!!"                                               Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Colten Penrod
Contractor, Illinois, USA

"After the first rain, I saw the water went where we wanted it to and I was absolutely convinced that OptiSurface was the right program for us."

Robbie Commens
Salt Spray Farms, Australia

"Great service and always quick to help and reply."

User Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10

Herman Kruger
Farmer, C & H Kruger Boerdery, South Africa

"OptiSurface gives a lot of decision tools, and design options that enable you to make informed decisions, and also gives the cheapest earthworks options."

Trevor Beaumont
Irrigation Engineer, Asia & Africa

"The results are far exceeding my expectations."

User Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10

Roger Stonner
Farmer, Missouri, USA

"That [Pivot] field is finally coming in with some winter wheat and it looks terrific! We're so pleased with the way it came out."

"No more ponding, damping off, salt accumulation. The water goes in as evenly as it goes on. This is a completely different field!"

Mark Dunn
Railroad Valley Farms, Nevada, United States

Your service is great! You answer always very quick and I think you have a lot of experience! I wouldn't do this by myself!

Recommendation Rating: 10 out of 10

Leonhard Harmer
Farmer, Austria

"I can only say, so far, everything is Perfect."                                               Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Soeren Gimmini
Farmer, Germany

"OptiSurface Designer is very simple to use and easy to understand how to make a plan."

Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Martin Baril
Quebec, Canada

"Wow! I believe this is going to herald a new future in land forming."

Dave Davies
Mechanised Agriculture Consultants, Africa & USA

"Algorithms are the best in the business, no question. Bigger earthworks savings."

Andrew Sevil
'Whyenbah' Farm, Australia

"Great product. Good support. Prompt service. Happy customer."

User Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10

John Cameron
Cameron Pastoral Company, Queensland, Australia
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"OptiSurface is probably the most improvement you can do to your farm for the least amount of money."

- Craig Craft, Craft Farms, USA

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Dear Grower

"Yield Is King" when it comes to farm profit, the saying goes.

However, 80% of crop yield loss and hence profit loss is due to too much or too little water. Most yield maps show this.

Therefore, we believe: "WATER IS KING!". 

The best hybrids and precision machinery control cannot optimize yield on a water damaged acre, while crop protection products can only defend the plants that remain alive.

A plant will drown or die of thirst, long before it dies of nutrient starvation. Variable rate nutrient management tries to account for variable yields infield but its far better to eliminate or reduce the yield constraint in the first place and most times it is water.

Even worse, you can go bankrupt if you can't plant, spray or harvest due to excessive moisture. This can happen when 80% of your field is ready to go but 20% is still saturated, bogging machinery.

We farm ourselves and fully understand the benefits of infield precision water managment.

We used laser control for water management since the 1970s. It's problem is that you often shift 400% more soil than required because you are constrained to single or limited slopes. Apart from the much larger earthmoving cost that this involves, it also disturbs more topsoil which can have significant impacts on crop yields for decades.

We continue to develop our own farms and saw the opportunity that GPS offered in solving the limitations of lasers. So in the 1990s, we started developing Optimum Surface Landforming™ or OptiSurface™.  It uses artificial intelligence to optimize Continuously Variable Grades™ (CVG™) and achieve surface drainage or irrigation requirements with much lower earthworks.

Our vision is for 25 million acres of agricultural land with improved drainage or irrigation feeding over 10 million people more than it was previously by 2030.

We do this by making OptiSurface™ the world's leading solution for agricultural earthworks, providing our customers with the most useful services, software and hardware.

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Graeme & David Cox

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