Monthly Archives: July 2010

800ha OptiSurfaced for Lateral Move and Drip Irrigation

Davco Farming completed 800ha (2000acres) of Optisurface Landforming in 2009 on ‘Oaky’ in North Queensland, Australia. The area is made up of 9 fields of approximately 88ha each which will be irrigated by lateral move and/or subsurface drip irrigation. The design surfaces are made up of OptiSurface 1D (single direction drainage) and OptiSurface 2D (two…

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Optisurface Design For Blueberrys on Raised Beds

Attached pdf document that shows an Optisurface Design Report for a field in Washington State, US to be converted to grow blueberrys on raised beds. Upgraded Drainage Analysis feature in Optisurface Designer showed how the ponding areas were to increase from 8% of field to 48% of field when the raised beds were added. This…

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