Monthly Archives: April 2016

Impact Of Wheel Tracks On Surface Drainage & Yield

Introduction This case study examines the impact that tractor wheel tracks can have on surface drainage and then yield. The case study is from a farm in USA that grows vegetables. The field has some depression area that hold water after rainfall events but this problem is exacerbated by the small furrows create by the ‘controlled…

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Farm Potholes or Not – Alternative Strategy For Potholes

Corn+Soybean Digest by Liz Morrison Alternative Strategy for Potholes Use next-generation technology to improve water drainage New water modeling tools are helping some growers boost profits in farmed potholes. Instead of taking several perennially wet depressions out of production, Jonesboro, Ill., farmer Collin Cain used 3D GPS land-shaping technology to eliminate the potholes and correct…

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