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Our Qualified and Experienced Agricultural Engineers will conduct the following on your First Field for FREE:

  • FREE Drainage Analysis to determine the benefits of improving surface drainage
  • FREE Landform Design to determine the earthworks required, estimated cost & payback period
  • FREE Consultation to discuss results and answer any questions you have about GPS landforming
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OptiSurface offers the Most Powerful Design Process available to take full advantage of the latest GPS machine control technology:

  • Saves Up To 80% In Earthworks & Topsoil Movement
  • Unique Design Types To Suit Different Farming Styles
  • Proven On Over 2,000,000 Acres Around The World

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"I was impressed by just how little work had to be done, have we'd been doing it the traditional way of moving dirt in the early 90s, we would have done 4x the work."

Michael Gray
Farmer, Wakefield Partners, Arkansas, USA

"Algorithms are the best in the business, no question. Bigger earthworks savings."

Andrew Sevil
Farmer, 'Whyenbah' Farm, Australia

"Have the best tech support I have ever worked with.  GREAT product and service!!"                                               Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Colten Penrod
Contractor, Illinois, USA

"I can only say, so far, everything is Perfect."                                               Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Soeren Gimmini
Farmer, Germany

"Wow! I believe this is going to herald a new future in land forming."

Dave Davies
Mechanised Agriculture Consultants, Africa & USA

" I certainly recommend Optisurface to everyone who have to do land levelling.  Also, I want to thank you for the good support and everything else you were doing for me in the past months."                               Recommendation Rating: 9/10

Jonathan Beaudry
Consultant, Club Soleillevant, Quebec, Canada

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