Building Pad

Endless Design Surface Possibilities Using Breaklines

Location: Texas, US
Field Area: 5 acres or 2 hectares
Irrigation Method: n/a
Crops: n/a


The client wants to have a flat building pad for a structure to be built on. The general area has about 3% slope and the earthworks needed to balance out.

Figure 1. Existing Topography.


The building pad was calculated using a Plane Surface Type. The earthworks calculate is already balanced but outside the there will still be earthworks outside the boundary so batters are designed with breaklines and the earthworks is re-balanced.

Figure 2. Proposed Topography.

Below is the resulting Cut/Fill Map.

Figure 3. Proposed Cut/Fill Map.

Video Walkthrough

The video below demonstrates how the building pad was designed using Planar design and breaklines.


No other software gives you the ease and flexibility of designing any surface with the use of breaklines. However, the power of OptiSurface is in calculating the balanced earthworks for the design.

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