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More Testimonials

From Consultants, Contractors & Dealers

"I was looking for a cheaper way to get water management earthworks done so more farmers can afford it, and OptiSurface was the answer."

Bentley Devazier
Contractor, Devazier Excavating, Arkansas, USA

"Before OptiSurface: We had a tough time relaying and communicating plans and estimating dirt moving for our customers."

Garnet Peters
General Manager, Precision Land Solutions, Manitoba, Canada

“Any of you guys out there that question this, that think it is a hoax, that thinks it is something that it is not; give us a call we would be glad to explain it to you. From a dealer to dealer stand point, its unbelievable what it will do to your revenue.”

Chris East
Precision Ag Partners, Precision Ag. Dealer, USA

"I was impressed by how much less soil we were moving and all round flexibility of the program, all the analysis tools and the flexibility of what designs you can do."

"OptiSurface allows us to give farmers a complete solution and being able to analyze that solution before implementing it."

"With OptiSurface, we are moving so much less soil and we have much better suited and complete designs without cutting all the topsoil."

"Were very happy with OptiSurface services. We always get feedback quickly. New features, the ones that are possible, usually gets built in fairly quickly to the new updates."

Stephan Geldenhuys
AgriDrainage, South Africa

"I'm just finishing up on a 180 acre farm designed by you guys. Everything worked out Perfect!"

Terrill Fowler
‎Rainbow Land Leveling LLC, Arkansas, USA

"Have the best tech support I have ever worked with.  GREAT product and service!!"                                               Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Colten Penrod
Contractor, Illinois, USA

"Thanks for your work.  The paddocks turned out well."                        Recommendation Rating: 10/10

James Gavin
Contractor, Gavins Ltd, North Island, New Zealand

"I was frankly amazed!! I had expected to see upwards of 100 thousand cubic metres to sort this job out. OptiSurface came in at 27 thousand cubic metres, saving my client many tens of thousands of dollars and keeping my company ahead of the competition and profitable. Thanks again.”

Neil Garson
Contractor, Garson & Company, Queensland, Australia

"With the traditional laser grading, your doing small sections at a time and you spend most of your time moving equipment around.

With OptiSurface you just setup on the Benchmark and go and nothing else, it's so simple. It saves a lot of time."

"I was most impressed with the saving of the dirt with OptiSurface. Not cutting the ground as hard is a lot to me."

"With OptiSurface, your saving 50%-75% of dirt hauling."

"There's a lot of dryland fields here that if you're gonna move 30-40,000 yd3 with laser, with OptiSurface you can do it with 10,000yd3 to irrigate it. That means a lot."

Bryan Thurman
Contractor, Thurman Landgrading, Missouri, USA

“OptiSurface designs are going great.  Our clients love the ponding, and runoff analysis features.  At the moment we are busy with the earthworks for an OptiSurface design and its going great."

Corriee De Boer
Contractor, JD Hoffman Earthmoving, Africa

"Would definitely recommend you guys!" Recommendation Rating: 10 out of 10

Caelum Persson
Contractor, CJP Contraction, New Zealand

"Instead of spending $1000/ha ($400/ac) on Laser Leveling, with OptiSurface we're getting in the order of about $200/ha ($80/ac). Not only you save money on shifting dirt, you're also avoiding the reduced productivity from scalping topsoil."

Tim Neale
Consultant,, Australia

"Continuously variable grade change is a breakthrough technology."

"All the analytic tools (like Drainage Analysis) helps you refine the design which is very useful."

"The biggest benefit is significantly reduced cuts."

Alasdair Harris
Agricultural Engineer, South Africa

“We have increased both the sales of equipment and value added services.  Our agronomists are doing more plans than before and also we're selling more credits, so it's very nice business for us.”  

Bruno Bouchard
JLD Laguë, Machinery Dealer, Quebec, Canada

"You can potentially spend a couple of days designing a complex design with Multiplane ending at about 400 - 500 m3/ha.  But designing the same field with OptiSurface, you can spend a maximum of 2 hrs and get the earthworks down to under 200 m3/ha."

Larry Lawrence
Contractor, Burdekin Laser Services, Queensland, Australia

"Wow! I believe this is going to herald a new future in land forming."

Dave Davies
Mechanised Agriculture, Precision Ag Dealer, Africa & USA

"The software is awesome, particularly now that I’m figuring out how the design zones work. Your support center with the knowledge base has been really helpful. Thanks for all the support!"

Tage Stam
Geotrim, Precision Ag Dealer, Finland

"OptiSurface Designer delivers an 80% reduction in design time but more significantly up to a 90% reduction in earthworks."

Lew Brandon
BMS LaserSat, Precision Ag. Dealer, Australia.