OptiSurface Designer Error 998

Please contact support@optisurface.com to resolve this problem

OptiSurface Designer has a number of online and offline methods of tracking illegal use such as bypassing the billing system or using pirated software.

If DAVCO OptiSurface finds evidence of illegal use it will use the full forces of the law starting with a lawsuit for US$1Million in damages to the offender personally and their company.

Prison terms of up to five years are also possible.

If you know anyone using OptiSurface Designer illegally or you are being forced to, contact support@optisurface.com or phone +61 40568 6425 for US$1000 reward for any evidence and US$10,000 when the offenders are prosecuted.


Any questions before you buy?

If you have questions about OptiSurface Designer just contact support@optisurface.com or phone us (see 'Contact Us' link at top) and we’ll get right back to you.