GPS Land Leveling

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Land leveling plays a crucial role in optimizing agricultural productivity and water management. In recent years, the advent of GPS technology has transformed land leveling practices, offering greater precision and efficiency compared to traditional methods. In this article, we will explore the benefits of GPS land leveling and how OptiSurface’s innovative approach can revolutionize the way farmers level their land.

The Advantages of GPS Land Leveling

GPS land leveling offers several advantages over traditional laser systems. One of the significant advantages is the ability to operate over a larger area, up to 4 km from the base station, without compromising accuracy. This allows farmers to cover vast stretches of land efficiently.

Furthermore, the vertical accuracy of GPS land leveling is typically 10 to 15 mm, which is comparable to or even better than laser systems. Despite the inherent inaccuracies associated with land leveling, such as hydraulic lag and field debris, GPS technology ensures precise and reliable results.

OptiSurface and 3D Design Software

OptiSurface, in combination with 3D design software, empowers farmers to create customized field designs tailored to their specific topography. With OptiSurface Designer, farmers can easily generate simple or complex designs with multiple planes, curved surfaces, banks, and more. This flexibility allows for optimal land grading that maximizes water drainage and improves crop productivity.

Design Services

OptiSurface offers design services for farmers who prefer assistance in creating their land leveling designs. Additionally, OptiSurface can connect farmers with local designers who specialize in utilizing 3D design software to create personalized grading plans. This ensures that farmers receive expert guidance throughout the land leveling process.

GPS Land Leveling

AutoSteering and Leveling

With GPS technology, farmers can seamlessly integrate AutoSteering and Leveling functions. This requires two Rover GPS units—one for auto steering the tractor and one for controlling the blade. By combining these functions, farmers can achieve precise and automated land leveling, further enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Suitable Implement Attachments and Hydraulics

GPS machine control can be attached to any implement with a blade, such as landplanes, grader blades, and more. Hydraulic systems on larger tractor models like Case, New Holland, and John Deere can be utilized for automatic blade control. For other tractor brands, a proportional valve may be required to operate the blade effectively.

Flexibility in Operating Modes

GPS machine control offers the flexibility to be used in both manual and automatic operation modes. In manual mode, the operator can control the blade manually based on the display on the screen. In automatic mode, the computer takes charge of operating the implement’s hydraulics, making the land leveling process more streamlined and efficient.


The integration of GPS technology with land leveling practices has revolutionized the farming industry. OptiSurface, combined with 3D design software, offers farmers unparalleled precision and efficiency in land grading. By leveraging GPS technology, farmers can achieve optimal field surfaces, enhanced water management, and increased crop productivity. Embrace GPS land leveling and unlock the full potential of your farm’s productivity and profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of implements can GPS Machine Control be attached to?

GPS can be used on any implement with a blade. Hydraulics on the blade need to be external (not three point linkage). Even landplanes and grader blades (with hydraulic wheel lifts) can be operated with GPS.

What sort of hydraulics are required?

On larger later model tractors, such as Case, New Holland and John Deere the hydraulic remotes can be used to control the blade in automatic mode. With other brands of tractor a proportional valve will be required to operate the blade.

Can GPS machine control be used manually?

Yes can be used either manually or in automatic operation. In the manual mode the operator follows the display on the screen to raise and lower the blade, in automatic mode the computer operates the hydraulics on the implement.

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