Kansas Grain Drainage

Investigating Ponding Problems and Providing Solutions with OptiSurface

Farmer: Lawrence Stoskopf
Location: Kansas, USA
Field Area: 6 ha or 15 acres
Irrigation Method: No Irrigation. Rainfed.
Crops: Corn and Soybean


The client is having issues with low yield due to drowned out areas from and some 'bath tub' sized potholes. This was caused by years of plowing creating a ridge in the north preventing water from exiting as shown in the images below.

Figure 1. Ponding area after 3 inches of rain.

Figure 2. Existing Topography (left) and Existing Drainage Analysis (right). Drag the slider left or right to view each.


An OptiSurface 1Way was used to design the field allowing water to drain in one direction to the north. The minimum slope was set to 0.067% and resulted to a very light earthworks of 31 yd³/ac.

Figure 3. Existing Topography (left) and Proposed Topography (right). Drag the slider left or right to view each.

Figure 4. Proposed Cut/Fill Map.

Video Discussion

Graeme discusses on the video the analysis on the field using satellite images and OptiSurface's Drainage Analysis and recommendations using the Proposed Design generated by OptiSurface 1Way Landform Design.


The cost of doing landforming can typically pay for itself in one year and after that year it's pure profit. That's why we and many of our clients feel that OptiSurfacing their field is the highest return on investment activity you can do in your field.

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