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Keytah Dryland Drainage Application (Part 1)

The latest application of OptiSurface Landforming is to a large dryland field on Keytah, NSW, Australia.

Keytah is a 53,000 acre dryland and irrigated cropping and cattle operation owned by Sundown Pastoral Co and situated west of Moree, NSW, Australia. Manager Andrew Parkes is recognised as an industry leader when it comes to apply innovations on-farm and can see the large potential for OptiSurface in improving Keytahs dryland framing operaton.

OptiSurface was applied to the 300 hectare Horse and Ram field. The field experiences imperfect surface drainage which leads to yield reductions from water logging and delays in machine trafficability. For example, the last harvest was delayed due to a rainfall event prior to harvest. OptiSurfacing the field has removed areas that hold water after a rainfall event and provided drainage paths through the field to remove this water. An OptiSurface4D surface was applied which allows the field to drain in at least one for four directions.

Based on this succesful application, Kaytah is applying OptiSurface to additional fields.

Thanks to Andrew Parkes (Keytah Manager), Peter Gall (Earthworks Manager), Andrew Gordon (Earthmoving Contractor), BMS LaserSat (Trimble Agent) and Trimble for supporting this application.

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