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Multiple Valleys and Ridges in OptiSurface 2D

The most significant of new feature in OptiSurface Designer Version 1.3 is the ability to incorporate multiple valleys and ridges into an OptiSurface 2D design. This means that for complex topography where you are farming with furrows but you dont want the furrows to drain out each end of the field, you can add ‘valley’ subzones into the design that are effectively are cross drains that can drain the water across the furrows where desired. See the example design above courtesy for Larry Laurence of BMS LaserSat, Australia. The red zones are ‘Ridges’ subzones that drain water along the furrows towards the blue ‘Valley’ subzones where cross are cut to take water to the edge of the field.

If you have any questions about this new feature, contact info@optisurface.com.

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