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Welcome to the second Optisurface newsletter.  I know we are late again but that leap thing threw me. 😉  

Our Twitter feed has been busy this month as you can see below.

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The Design of the Month shows how 2Way surface can be used to generate slope a very flat topography.

The Feature of the Month goes into detail to explain Designing with OptiSurface 2Way Using Ridges and Valleys.  Scroll down to see these goodies.

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News of the Month

From our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

We’re brewing a new feature for OptiSurface Designer V2.5. Can you guess what it is?
Big thanks to Record Harvest for having us up today at their Customer Appreciation Day. Great Show Guys!!!
230-acre OptiSurface Design including natural waterway broadened out.
Excited to be at International Crop Expo talking surface drainage with growers!   
OptiSurface in the Netherlands! 
Does this happen on your farm? Fix wet spots with 
That new function in 2.4 to combine 4-D and plane design together is pretty sweet!

Design of the Month

OptiSurface 2Way for Lateral Move Irrigation
Here is an example of how Special subzones like Ridges and Valley work with OptiSurface 2Way.  Furrows/beds fall NE to SW direction with the cross drains falling to the NW, as shown by the two cross drains in the middle of the field.

Feature of the Month

Designing with OptiSurface 2Way Using Ridges and Valleys
Overview:  OptiSurface 2Way is a Surface Type in OptiSurface which can drain in two opposite directions (2Way).  This suits crops frown with furrows where water needs to drain in along the furrow but it can drain our either end of the furrow and even some distance along the furrow using a cross drain.  The location of the high point in the field is defined using a subzone with the Subzone Type setting of ‘Ridge’.  The location of the cross drain is defined using a Subzone Typpe setting of ‘Valley’.  All furrows will have positive slopes away from the ‘Ridge’ subzone to wither the edge of the boundary or to a ‘Valley’ subzone.
Displayed by:  Menu: Tools > Landform Design > Surface Type > OptiSurface 2Way

An example application is linear move irrigated field where water can drain out either end of the furrowed row or along the cross drains.  This field has furrows running along the east boundary.  Problem was the topography was very flat in the direction of the lateral move and the wheel tracks were causing water to pond (see Drainage Analysis).  The best solution was to provide cross drains using ridges and valleys.
Existing Topography
Existing Drainage Analysis
Proposed Topography
1.  Set the Surface Type to OptiSurface 2Way and define the direction of the Main Slope, see Appearance.

2.  Define parameters like slopes and smoothing.
3.  Add subzones roughly to desired location

4.  Calculate for preliminary landform design.

5.  Adjust subzones and parameters as needed and redo landform design calculation.

Adding the Special Subzones (Valley and Ridge)
1.  When adding the subzone, make sure it covers at least one row of points.

2.  Change the Subzone Type accordingly, cross drains will be valley (subzone color will automatically change to blue for Valley and red for Ridge).

3.  Define the cross slope parameters.  For this example, we used two negative numbers to force water to drain NW.  No need to define this for Ridge.

Proposed Cut/Fill Map
Water Flow Path/Direction


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