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OptiSurface Newsletter – 2016 June

Welcome to the fifth OptiSurface Newsletter.  We are late so this is now the June newsletter and in future they will come out early each month.

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Our News shows our partner network growing amongst other things.

The Design Of The Month shows an OptiSurface 1Way design for furrow irrigation with very cost effective earthworks.

The Feature Of The Month explains how to use a plane of best fit to get average slope on a field.

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P.S. If you haven’t taken advantage of OptiSurface yet, we’re offering a special service where we will take your topographic data for a field and conduct some FREE analysis and design.  Go here to find out more: http://www.optisurface.com/nlt/

News Of The Month

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We welcome our newest OptiSurface Partner in Wuustwezel, Belgium! Find your closest OptiSurface Partner here: http://www.optisurface.com/find-your-partner/
Good to see our long time OptiSurface Partner, BMS LaserSat at the North Queensland Field Day
We welcome our newest OptiSurface Partner in North Dakota, US! Find your closest OptiSurface Partner here: http://www.optisurface.com/find-your-partner/

Design Of The Month

OptiSurface 1Way for Furrow Irrigation
This field was being converted from dryland to furrow irrgation. The furrow direction to follow the western boundary.  This OptiSurface 1Way design surface suits this application.

We limited the maximum Main Slope to be at most 2x the Minimum Main Slope to promote more uniform irrigation infiltration. Slope variability like this has shown to not significantly affect irrigation uniformity.

The red subzone marks the headland and was designed to be very flat, while the blue subzone marks the taildrain making sure all water drains to the east. This was a straight-forward design which ended up with 178 m3/ha of earthworks.

Existing Topography
Proposed Topography

Feature Of The Month

Plane of Best Fit
To determine the average slope of the field we run a Plane of Best Fit design.
The results show the average slope of the field here as 0.105%, which will tell the ‘ballpark’ value we can set the minimum and maximum slope either side of.  Keeping in mind for furrow irrigation we aim for Max Slope less than 2 x Min Slope.  So in this case we used 0.07% for the Min Main Slope and 0.12% for the Max Main Slope.

Here are the parameters we used:

Adding the subzones for headlands and taildrains, running the OptiSurface 1Way design resulted in 178 m3/ha.  Compared to the Plane of Best Fit which had 281 m3/ha, that’s 37% savings on earthworks!


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