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OptiSurface Designer V2

Note:Scroll down to see all three courses - Basic, Advanced & Analysis.

Quick Start Video

This 5 minute video will show you how to get started quickly with OptiSurface Designer.

Be sure to go through the full courses below to get the most out of OptiSurface Designer.

See Full Courses below. 

Total Video Time: 1hr

The Basics Tutorial discusses the basic functions in OptiSurface Designer.  You will learn how the functions work and the basic steps to have a complete design, from importing the survey file until exporting the machine control file.                         Scroll down for more courses. 


Total Video Time: 1hr

The Advanced Tutorial demonstrates how to use subzones and breaklines.  These features allow you to modify the surface according to your requirements and allow manual manipulation of the surface when necessary.

Total Video Time: 12 minutes

The Analysis Tutorial shows how to use the Drainage and Runoff Analysis feature of OptiSurface Designer simulating a storm event to aid in your designs and consider potential ponding areas and runoff problems.