Optimize Your Furrow Irrigation

And Increase Your Profits With Increased Crop Yields & Reduced Water Use

Hi. We are excited to offer our new service optimizing furrow irrigation called OptiIrrigate
Its like the Surface Irrigation Simulation Calibration and Optimisation (SISCO) stuff that Steve did but with the following major improvements:
1) Results are calculated on a field by field basis simulating a furrow every 10m across the field and using the topography from existing survey or OptiSurface proposed design. This means it takes onto account all variations of furrow lengths and slopes down a furrow and across the field.
2) Map based output provide results and recommendations across a field not just one furrow configuration.
3) Its main output will be optimized furrow inflow rates for a defined cutoff rule (time or advance %) to achieve maximum irrigation gross margin taking into account water and crop value.
We are refining the pricing for this service but I expect it to be similar to OptiSurface landform design. It will pay for it self in less than a year I believe in increased yield and lower water use.
Here are some preliminary results for K1 based on C2 infiltration parameters.
We still need the infiltration parameters as measured by the furrow inflow and advance time down the furrow. At design stage we will need to use parameters measured in nearby fields and then in year 1 measure infiltration parameters and optimise further.
Would you like to be one of our first clients to access this service?
As well as the obvious economic benefits you could lay claim to being one of the most advanced furrow irrigation farms in the world with inflow optimised for every furrow which could also be useful politically.
Dont send this to Steve Attard at this point. I want to demo it to him when Im ready.
  • Save Up To 50% On Water Use & Pumping Costs
  • Increase Crop Yields By Up To 20%
  • Analysis Done By Experienced Agricultural Engineers
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Where Laser Leveling Fails, OptiSurface Delivers

Don't leave money on the table this harvest season, optimize your crop yields with OptiSurface.

  • Maximize your most critical resource

    Water is the most critical determinant of profitability in a farm. OptiSurface gives you maximum crop yield through ideal irrigation and drainage surfaces.

  • Increase returns with minimal investment

    Laser land leveling means more dirt to move and produces sub-optimal drainage surfaces. OptiSurface gives you ideal drainage gradients while reducing amount of soil to be moved.

  • Ideal drainage slopes without the hinges

    Laser land grading (aside from moving an unnecessary extra amount of dirt) leaves peaked “hinges” in the land. OptiSurface smoothes the existing terrain contour to produce the ideal surface without the hinges.

  • Designs to suit any type of farming

    OptiSurface has a design surface type to suit every major type of farming configuration. Irrigated, unirrigated, furrowed, unfurrowed, flat terrain, undulating terrain – no problem. We have you covered.

  • A scaleable solution for any sized farm

    Whether your farm is one acre or one thousand acres, OptiSurface offers a scaleable & affordable approach for encouraging optimal yield.

  • Resuscitate swampy, unusable land using a proven approach

    OptiSurface has helped many farmers recover once unusable land due to inadequate drainage. Return your land to a fertile, productive state by sculpting its natural contours and improving its potential.

A Few Powerful Features of OptiSurface…

3D holistic optimization of your entire field, not 2D slices.

Competitive technologies have emerged claiming to offer an equivalent solution but our patented algorithm is the only one that takes into account the down slope and cross slope of a field. Competitors' algorithms analyze 2D "slices" of your field while ours gives you the full picture juggling variables in three dimensions to ensure your field gets the ideal surface all around.

Not just terrain maps but detailed grading instructions

The OptiSurface software generates not just a map showing the smoothed terrain. You get a machine control file with precise GPS-encoded instructions that direct your equipment on how to cut and fill the land in the most efficient way possible. Don't have your own equipment?  No problem. We can help you generate a quote from a certified Ag Consultant or Precision Ag Dealer.

Designed by qualified and experienced Agricultural Engineers

Our Agricultural Engineers who'll design your field have been using OptiSurface Designer for years and have over 100,000 acres of designs under their belt.

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Leading Farmers Trust OptiSurface

Graeme Talks OptiSurface With George W Bush

World Ag Expo, Tulare, California

Our Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide to ‘buy’ your design control file, your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you’re not happy with OptiSurface for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email to support@optisurface.com) within 30 days and we’ll happily refund your money

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Next Steps

  • 1

    You Click The 'Get Your Field Designed Today' Button

    Click the 'Get Your Field Designed Today' Button on this page and fill in some basic details to get the ball rolling. We will send you an email requesting the topographic survey file if you have not sent it already.

  • 2

    Email Your Topographic Data To Us

    Email your topographic data from your field to us and include any instructions or guidelines you want us to follow when we design the field.

  • 3

    We Send You A Preliminary Design

    We will send you an initial design, normally within 1 working days, based on our experience and your instructions.

  • 4

    You Review The Design & Provide Feedback

    You will have the opportunity to review the design and suggest any changes you wish to make.

  • 5

    We Revise The Design Until You Are Happy

    We will send you the revised design back including your implemented changes, and continue to revise it until you are happy. If we can't produce a design that you are happy with, then we can stop the steps here and you don't need to pay.

  • 6

    You Pay For Your Design Via Credit Card

    Once you are happy with the design and are ready to move dirt, we will send you a link to pay for your design via credit card. The charges for this are US$9.90/acre or US$24.75/ha with a US$297 Minimum. For larger fields (>125 acres or 50ha) with simple designs we maybe able to offer a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconWhat payment options do you offer?

    For orders under US$1000 we accept credit cards and for orders over US$1000 we will invoice you and accept wire transfer to our bank account. Australian dollars also accepted for invoiced amounts.

  • q-iconI have XYZ piece of equipment. Is OptiSurface compatible?

    Our software produces a machine control file formats which is compatible with most major brands of GPS grading equipment. Email support@optisurface.com with the name of your system  to find out if your equipment is supported.

  • q-iconI don't have my own grading equipment. Can OptiSurface help me?

    Absolutely. We have relationships with both dealers and land grading consultants to give you options for both purchasing your own grading equipment or hiring someone to do the grading for you. Click the “get started” button to request a quote

  • q-iconHow do I know if my particular type of farming is supported?

    Our technology can service most major farming styles and agricultural types. We have done designs for over 12 different crop types with many different scenarios such as irrigated (furrow, drip, pivots, bay) and unirrigated. Contact us if you have a scenario that’s not currently listed and odds are we can accommodate you.

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