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Optisurface Designer V1.1 Release

Version 1.1 of OptiSurface Designer will be released within the next week.










This version includes new features and significant improvements including:

  1. New Runoff Analysis feature that allows simulation of water depth and velocity – for examining erosion hotspots
  2. New Edit Proposed Topography with points and breaklines – allows you fine control over the design surface eg draw in contour banks, create gully dam embankment, draw cross drain
  3. Improved Drainage Analysis feature that allows you to see the impact of furrow/raised beds on ponding depth and flow paths over existing topography – good to show benefits for Optisurface Landforming
  4. New Balance Earthworks Within Subzones as well as whole field – Allows you to reduce haul distances by preventing long carts from one end of the field to the other.
  5. New Optisurface Design Parameters such as Maximum Allowable Fill Depth, Minimum Allowable Elevation – allows you to have more control over the design surface.

Additional news items will be added in the coming weeks, dedicated to these items above.

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