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OptiSurface in Germany

OptiSurface was featured in a German website.  Here is the English translation of the section:


Optimized arable land for more water efficiency

Several good reasons to optimally prepare agricultural land, so that the factor of production water can be used more efficiently. In particular, the increase in extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall, but also the prevention of strong water and erosion from the topsoil, provide an increasingly greater importance of water management with the aim to use water more efficiently than before on the faces.

Especially this Case IH presents a new integrated system for optimized water management, which consists of new software solutions and the components of the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems for Precision Agriculture. The new water management system allows this surveying, planning and execution of water management measures, such as the laying of drainage or leveling of a platform in the optimal the Case IH AFS components, such as monitors, autopilot systems, can be integrated.

Old problems – new solutions

“The technologies in precision farming today allow new processes to optimize water management. As a result, higher yields and qualities are achieved. Especially by reducing congestion oozing, reaching a uniform infiltration and as a result of early navigability, better plant development. Here, there are two basic measures. Firstly, the leveling of fields, approximately hill drought remove and straighten wells with waterlogging or targeted discharge of excess water through the installation of drainage systems – both we are now in an unprecedented precision by, “explains Martin Schoenberg, product specialist Precision Farming systems at case IH.

Flat surface contour on the monitor

In a further step, due to the collected data is a purposeful planning. The module Opti-Surface enables planning of drainage or leveling in 4D mode, that is, in all directions. “Even before the actual implementation so that is a multi-dimensional surface design are available, can be calculated with the amount of work and, for example, the amount of earth to be moved. Important criteria for the subsequent implementation and about accounting for implementation by the contractors, “said Schoenberg.

Originally published on http://www.landmaschinen-wahl.de/index.php?id=15069&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=390&cHash=35335ed216c307a88471fcbfe87d4a58

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