OptiSurface Newsletter for April 2023

OptiSurface Newsletter – 2023 April


Welcome to the OptiSurface Newsletter for April 2023

It’s been a while since our last newsletter. We have been very busy assisting our clients around the world and developing new products that we hope to release soon.

See below for our latest Deal, News, Design and Software Feature.

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Latest News

From Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook feeds.

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Aug 9
Creating terraces in Oklahoma with OptiWorks. Thanks to Boone Miller’s video here: https://buff.ly/3SFLOMm Find more about our Machine Control product OptiWorks here: https://www.optisurface.com/optiworks/

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Aug 22
OptiSurface Customer Story: RJ’s Earthworks, Queensland: “The products are unbelievable and the customer support we receive from Vantage BMS with installations and software updates is fantastic.”

Rick de Lange@Rickjd3050 · Aug 24
The last plot of green manure goes into the ground after grading with optisurface height map with a combination of colleague and drainage with a chain digger.

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Aug 31
New OptiWorks details and demo available here: https://optisurface.com/optiworks/

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Sep 5
Managing Excess Rainfall & Ponding In Your Field With Precision Landforming Solutions (Vantage BMS article)

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Oct 12
Andrew Stewart happy with his wheat crop on this recently OptiSurfaced field near Goondiwindi, Australia

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Oct 19
Only 50mm or 2 inch’s of ground height difference can mean the difference between no crop and a bumper crop. See http://OptiSurface.com to see how these areas can be fixed with minimal earthworks.

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Oct 26
Graeme catching up with Nev Boland in front of his pull dozer near Moonie, Australia. See his case study here: https://optisurface.com/queensland-mel

OptiSurface@OptiSurface · Nov 7
Jim Z busy OptiSurfacing a field in Illinois with his RALSE Scraper, Quadtrack and Trimble Field Level

Denise McLellan@DeniseAMcLellan · Dec 4, 2022
Daylight harvesting only for this paddock. Weaving the gilgais with @CaseIHAus #7250 Burcher, NSW
Graeme J Cox@GraemeJCox ·Jan 19 Replying to @DeniseAMcLellan
Pretty but not fun. Millions of acres like this have doubled production using OptiSurface Landforming. See https://www.optisurface.com/examples/

Vantage WA · Feb 3, 2023
Improve drainage in your fields and boost yield with precision landforming solutions from Vantage WA.

OptiSurface@OptiSurface·Feb 22
OptiSurface 2Way design eliminating ponding areas to improve yield In Illinois. Full case study coming soon. See others examples at http://Optisurface.com/examples

OptiSurface@OptiSurface·Mar 8
OptiSurface in Action with drone footage and 3D overlays.

OptiSurface@OptiSurface·Mar 22
New OptiSurface Case Study: Illinois Quadtrac. “We’ve really transformed this field and we’re excited to see how it performs in the coming season.” – Jim

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Featured Design

Greenfield Stripping
Stripping The Precious Topsoil on Heavy Cuts

New fields are being developed for a farm. Sugarcane will be planted on furrows therefore an OptiSurface 2Way design was recommended. The design calls for heavy cuts in some areas and to save the precious topsoil a stripping design is calculated.

Existing Topography

Proposed Topography

Cut/Fill Map

The south east area have heavy cuts but the topsoil can be saved with a stripping design. The stripping design required variable depths as shown in the parameters below.

Stripping Design Parameters

After calculation, the results are shown below.

Stripping Topography

Stripping Cut/Fill Map

This design was loaded into Trimble Field Level System on a Dozer and tractor drawn scrapers to control the stripping operation with ease.

Featured Software Feature

Stripping Design

Calculates a design for stripping the topsoil. This is useful for landform designs that has heavy cut areas – strip the precious top soil then set aside and work on the subsoil according to the design.

Displayed by:Tools > Stripping Design


Calculation Grid Bearing (deg) – Defines the direction of the calculation grid.

Calculation Grid Spacing (m or ft) – Defines the how far apart the calculation grid is.

Cut/Fill (m or ft) and Stripping Depths (m or ft) – Edit this table to define the stripping depth for the respective cut or fill.Once calculation is finished, the Stripping Topography and Stripping Cut/Fill  can be ticked ON or OFF in the Project Explorer as shown below.

Finally, the control file can be generated in File > Export Stripping Design…

Note: The Stripping Design is calculated based on the Proposed Cut/Fill Map so it requires a landform design to be calculated beforehand.

Thanks to Talbot Cox for his input to this feature. If you have any ideas you would like implemented don’t hesitate to contact us at support@optisurface.com.

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