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OptiSurface Used to Improve Potato Production in Finland


Lilja Farms Inc., located in South Ostrobothnia Ylihärmä, Finland, produce about 3 million pounds of potatoes each year.  The farm cultivates the land with accordance to sustainable development and give the land more than what they take.
image (1)

Lilja Farms were looking to improve their field surface drainage.  OptiSurface Designer was used to calculate the optimized surface that drains the rows in the field well.

First step was to survey the field with RTK-GPS System, then the survey was imported to OptiSurface Designer as the Existing Topography.

Existing Topography

image (2)

Then, a surface design was calculated using OptiSurface1D (1-Direction), letting the furrows fall to the natural slope of the field (falls to the West).  OptiSurface Designer calculates a surface following the lay of the land as close as possible to drain water out of the field while still minimizing the earthworks.  The Proposed Topography will be displayed along with the Cut/Fill Map as shown below:

Proposed Topography
image (3)

Cut/Fill Map
image (4)

Once the design is finalized, the surface is exported as machine control file.  The file will then be uploaded to a 3D GPS machine control hardware to proceed with landforming.

image (5)

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