The Leading Farm Earthworks System

Compatible With These Machines & GPS:


    Areas, Lines & Boundaries With Any RTK GPS


    Fast, Easily & With Lowest Earthworks Due To Unique AI


    Scraper, Ditcher, Tile Plow Height Automatically With Any Tractors Hydraulics

How Does It Work?

10 Times Per Second

OptiWorks receives elevation data from your RTK GPS receiver. It then compares that elevation to a design elevation at that location and sends a command to the controller. The controller then sends a signal to the tractor hydraulics, where it automatically adjusts the height of your scraper or ditcher.  It does the 10 times per second, far faster than any human.

Powerful Features


Precisely map your field topography by simply driving around your field, while our system records elevation data every second, and then automatically convert it to 3D surfaces and contour maps instantly. Easily record:

  1. Points anywhere over the field
  2. Lines such as drainage paths, and
  3. Boundaries optionally to limit design area.


Fast, Easily & With Lowest Earthworks Due To Unique AI optimization algorithms:

  1. Best-Fit & Manual Plane (Single & Dual Grade)
  2. 1 Way Optimized Variable Grade Surface
  3. Any Way Optimized Variable Grade Surface
  4. Proposed = Existing + Offset
  5. Drains – Optimized Variable Grade
  6. 1 Click Send To Professional To Design


Automatically control blade height with hydraulic valves on any type of tractor and scraper to landform your fields perfectly and quickly.

Top 10 Benefits Of OptiWorks

Save Time, Money and Frustration While Optimizing Your Farm

  • 1

    Lower Cost

  • 2

    Easier To Install

  • 3

    Easier To Survey

  • 4

    Easier To Design

  • 5

    Easier To Control

  • 6

    Lower Earthworks

  • 7

    Better Support

  • 8

    Supported By Agricultural Engineers

  • 9

    Developed For Farmers By Farmers

  • 10

    More Precise Surfaces (TIN Model)

Out of the box, OptiWorks has more compatibility, features and functionality than competing systems. 

Our unique AI optimization technology achieves cost savings of up to $500/acre through lower earthworks. This makes the program pay for itself in the first field.

Leading Farmers & Contractors Trust OptiSurface

"It’s been a great system for us. The improvements y’all have made have all been great. "

User Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10

Boone Miller
Farmer, Oklahoma, USA

"Instead of doing dirt work by laser and having to cut as much as 400 to 500 yd3/ac, in the same farm, we were lowering it to a little as 125 yd3/ac. Doing it as a much less cost, with a lot less destruction to the top soil of the farm."

Bobby Hoard
Hoard Farms, USA

"Have the best tech support I have ever worked with.  GREAT product and service!!"                                               Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Colten Penrod
Contractor, Illinois, USA

"I can only say, so far, everything is Perfect."                                               Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Soeren Gimmini
Farmer, Germany

"The results are far exceeding my expectations."

User Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10

Roger Stonner
Farmer, Missouri, USA

Our Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  We are so confident that you’ll love our product that if you’re not happy for any reason, simply send all components back to us within 30 days in good condition and we’ll happily refund your money.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What kind of GPS do I need?

OptiWorks works with virtually any GPS receiver. It uses industry standard NMEA messages from the GPS, meaning your current system (provided you have the required level of accuracy) can probably be used. The following are some of the common GPS systems used:

- CaseIH/Trimble (all smart antennas, plus FM750/1000 with RTK unlocks)

- John Deere (RTK is required and the 6000 Receiver has the fastest output rate [10hz] and accuracy)

- Outback (MAX/STX/S3/A320/A220 running RTK)

- Ag Leader (all RTK receivers can be used)

There are other lower cost RTK receivers on the market but many of these systems require more knowledge to configure correctly and may not be as reliable or accurate.

Do I need RTK GPS?

YES. OptiWorks relies on accurate GPS elevation and position data to function. It is only as accurate as the incoming GPS messages. If you are using low accuracy GPS, your implement will move up and down randomly as you work, due to the inaccuracies in GPS signals.

For the best vertical accuracy you should have a GNSS Receiver on the rover and base station. In addition, the base station should be within 1 km or 1/2 mile of the operating machine, which should give you sub-inch vertical accuracy most of the time.

How do I get support?

While we designed OptiWorks to be as simple as possible, there may be times when you need a little help! Your Dealer should be your first line of support, and they will have access to higher levels of support if needed to solve your issue. If you ordered online or we direct-shipped your system to you then please call us at +1 870-340-2020 or email: support@optisurface.com

Do I need to enter any measurements?

The only measurements we require is the cutting edge-to-ground height when in the transport position. We need to account for this when surveying.

What if the required cut is too deep?

OptiWorks features a Nudge function to account for this. If you find yourself spinning out, hit the Nudge Up button to reduce the cutting depth for the current pass. The screen will display your Final Target Height. On the next pass, Nudge Down. Repeat this as many times as needed until you reach the Final Target Height.

What kind of computer do I need?

OptiWorks runs on Microsoft Windows Operating System. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 & 7 tablets run best. The Microsoft Surface Pro X IS NOT compatible with OptiWorks due to its new style graphic processor.

Does it run on iPads or Android tablets?

No, sorry. Not Yet. Only Windows devices.

Do I need Internet or a data plan?

NO. A data plan on your tablet can be useful for support and emailing surveys and designs from the office or third-parties, however it is not required.

Can I move it between machines?

Yes. We’ve designed everything to be easily moved in just a few minutes.

Does OptiWorks offer variable slope designs?

YES. We call it OptiSurface and OptiLine. It allows you to survey the proposed path or area, then enter a minimum and maximum gradient. OptiWorks will then compute a optimized profile or surface that will save you up to 80% in earth moving compared to constant grade designs.

Can I use OptiWorks for levelling?

YES. You can design planes with single or dual slopes in the cab with or without a field survey.

Can I use OptiWorks for tiling?

In theory yes, but keep in mind that there’s no slope/pitch sensor, so pitch plows could over pitch and/or go off-grade.

Can I create curved ditch paths?

YES. With OptiWorks you can create ditch designs on curved or straight paths.

How do I know if my particular type of design is supported?

OptiWorks includes a number of design types you can calculate in the software. For more complicated designs we have the OptiSurface Designer Software that typically is used in the office with a mouse which allows finer controls and details. Contact us if you have a scenario that's not currently listed in the designs above and odds are we can accommodate you.

Still have questions? Call us on +1 870-340-2020 (USA) or 0405 686 425 (AUS) or email: support@optisurface.com

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