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Colten Penrod
Contractor, Illinois, USA

"With OptiSurface, your saving 50%-75% of dirt hauling."

Bryan Thurman
Contractor, Thurman Landgrading, Missouri, USA

" I certainly recommend Optisurface to everyone who have to do land levelling.  Also, I want to thank you for the good support and everything else you were doing for me in the past months."  Recommendation Rating: 9/10

Jonathan Beaudry
Consultant, Club Soleillevant, Quebec, Canada

"The results are far exceeding my expectations."  Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10

Roger Stonner
Farmer, Missouri, USA

"After the first rain, I saw the water went where we wanted it to and I was absolutely convinced that OptiSurface was the right program for us."

Robbie Commens
Farm Manager, Salt Spray Farms, Australia

"Great service and always quick to help and reply." Satisfaction Rating: 10 out of 10

Herman Kruger
Farmer, C & H Kruger Boerdery, South Africa

"OptiSurface Designer is very simple to use and easy to understand how to make a plan." Rating: 10/10

Martin Baril
Quebec, Canada

"Wow! I believe this is going to herald a new future in land forming."

Dave Davies
Mechanised Agriculture Consultants, Africa & USA

"Great product. Good support. Prompt service. Happy customer." Rating: 10 out of 10

John Cameron
Farmer, Cameron Pastoral Company, Queensland, Australia

"System works flawlessly.  Always been a big fan."

Lee Machen
Consultant, Arkansas, USA

"OptiSurface gives a lot of decision tools, and design options that enable you to make informed decisions, and also gives the cheapest earthworks options."

Trevor Beaumont
Irrigation Engineer, Asia & Africa

"I'm just finishing up on a 180 acre farm designed by you guys. Everything worked out Perfect!"

Terrill Fowler
‎Rainbow Land Leveling LLC, Arkansas, USA