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"I was looking for a cheaper way to get water management earthworks done so more farmers can afford it, and OptiSurface was the answer."

Bentley Devazier
Contractor, Devazier Excavating, Arkansas, USA

"We are very happy with your service and the outcomes have been excellent."
Recommendation Rating: 9/10

Tristan Nitschke
Farmer, Nitschke Family Trust, Queensland, Australia

"Thanks for your work.  The paddocks turned out well."                        Recommendation Rating: 10/10

James Gavin
Contractor, Gavins Ltd, North Island, New Zealand

"Instead of doing dirt work by laser and having to cut as much as 500 cu.yd/ac, on the same farm, we were lowering it to as little as 125 cu.yd/ac. Doing it at a much lower cost and with a lot less destruction to the top soil."

Bobby Hoard
Farmer, Hoard Farms, Arkansas, USA

"We harvested about 20 per cent more crop from the OptiSurfaced area following a flood in March.  We are confident the investment is already paying off."

Wade Bidstrup
Farmer, Aloe Farming Co.

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"Celebrating 2,000,000 Acres Of Optimized Agricultural Earthworks"