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Solves Drainage Problems For Less Than $150/ha

Client: GR&S Singh

Location: North Queensland, Australia

Notes: 52 hectare half Centre Pivot growing sugar cane on 1.5m furrows. Client wants better drainage to allow more timely machine operations/access and less compaction particularly during harvesting.

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Design Constraints

Surface Type: OptiSurface1D
Main Slope Direction(deg): 155.7 (Bearing From North)
Calculation Grid Spacing(m): 5
Fill To Import to Field(m3): 0
Cut To Export from Field(m3): 0
Cut/Fill Ratio: 1.2


                    Main Slope                     Cross Slope Maximum
   Minimum    Maximum   Smoothing     Minimum    Maximum   Smoothing
       (%)       (%)        (%)        (%)        (%)         (%)
Boundary 0.1 - - - - - - -

Design Results

Field Area: 52.13 ha
Volume of Cut: 4447 m3 + Import: 0 m3
Volume of Fill: 3821 m3 + Export: 0 m3
Earthmoving Cut/ha: 85.3 m3/ha
Existing Topography Map
Proposed Topography (3D - 50x Vertical Exageration)
Proposed Topography
Cut Fill Map


The Cut/Fill map shows that although 80% of the field drains naturally, there are areas where significant ponding can occur. The aerial photographs (see this field in Google Maps) shows these areas are generally around a meandering natural drainage line. With minimal earthworks OptiSurface landforming corrected this problems and promoted the signficant benefits that come with optimal surface drainage.

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