Optisurface Earthworks Solutions

Smart Drainage Designs

Example of a property in Victoria with a 10cm ponding analysis wrapped
over a 3 dimensional topographic model (Vertical Scale exeragerated.)
We have recently begun working with OptiSurface Designer software to develop efficient surface landforming designs for irrigation and dryland agriculture.
We see huge potential for this software in areas prone to water-logging and water erosion.
With all the recent rain we have been busy developing these drainage designs which ranges from a comprehensive cut and fill to basic designs with direction of run and location of key drains.
Data captured from farmers’ autosteer systems has become a very popular method of collecting the topography data which we can convert into a contour map and then a drainage design. There is however an advantage of getting a contractor to map critical areas as they can map the non-arable areas such as bottom of drainage lines and flow levels of dams & culverts.
Our drainage designs can include:
  • Direction of run
  • New paddock design
  • Location and depths of drains
  • Assessment of slope to determine suitability of raised beds
  • Runoff depth and velocity modelling
  • Contour bank design
Tim Neale

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