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"Instead of doing dirt work by laser and having to cut as much as 500 cu.yd/ac, on the same farm, we were lowering it to as little as 125 cu.yd/ac. Doing it at a much lower cost and with a lot less destruction to the top soil."

Bobby Hoard
Farmer, Hoard Farms, Arkansas, USA

"OptiSurface is pretty simple to use and putting it in the paddock is just like magic!  I really like how the dirt leveling works where you do a field on grade with the lay of the land."

Wade Bidstrup
Farmer, Aloe Farming Co., Queensland, Australia

"We don't have to wait two or three years for the topsoil to recover and reap the benefits of land leveling, with OptiSurace, the year after, all the water drains out nicely and with minimized earthworks topsoil disturbance is reduced."

Billy Beaudry
Farmer and Consultant, Beaudry Farm, Quebce, Canada