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Property Plan

Erosion Control Banks & Waterway

Soil erosion in cropping land causes a loss of productivity, sedimentation in downstream areas and reduces water quality. It can be controlled by maintaining as much cover on the surface of the soil as possible and by managing run-off. When run-off occurs, it concentrates as it moves downslope towards drainage lines, creeks and rivers.  Whenever…

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Proposed Topography

OptiSurface Newsletter – 2017 February

Welcome to the February 2017 OptiSurface Newsletter. The News Of The Month features a dryland field in Hungary. We also welcome our new partner who joined us this month. The Design Of The Month shows the details of the Hungarian Dryland. The Feature Of The Month explains the improvement of the Batter Breakline operation. If you have any problems or questions…

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OptiSurface Landforming Software

Record Harvest Becomes OptiSurface Landforming Software Partner

Jonesboro, Ark. and Nevada, Mo. (AgPR) March 1, 2016 — Arkansas-based OptiSurface, www.OptiSurface.com, Global Sales Manager Preston Marthey announces Record Harvest Enterprises, Inc., www.RecordHarvest.com, of Nevada, Missouri has become an OptiSurface Partner. Record Harvest will provide surface drainage solutions for clients using their patented 3D landform design software. GPS landforming is the reshaping of a fields topography to…

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Optisurface Earthworks Solutions

OptiSurface, revolutionary field drainage software

Water logged soils have cost producers millions in Western Canada over the last five years.  Even temporary water logging can cause up to 100% yield loss depending on the crop and length of time under water. There has been a trend towards more site-specific tile drainage and even land leveling to fix drainage problems. While in…

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Agricultural Land Grading

The grading and leveling of agricultural land play vital roles in promoting crop productivity and water management. With advancements in precision farming, modern land grading techniques utilize state-of-the-art technologies that lead to greater efficiency and yields. OptiSurface is a revolutionary technology that offers unparalleled benefits to farmers looking to enhance their agricultural land grading processes.…

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