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OptiSurface Newsletter – 2023 November

  Welcome to the OptiSurface Newsletter for November 2023. We Are Celebrating 2,000,000+ Acres Optimized! We are excited to announce that last month we clocked over 2 million acres of OptiSurface designs generated all around the world. It’s been a great ride since our inception almost 15 years ago. Thank you for being a part…

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OptiSurface Newsletter for April 2023

OptiSurface Newsletter – 2023 April

Welcome to the OptiSurface Newsletter for April 2023 It’s been a while since our last newsletter. We have been very busy assisting our clients around the world and developing new products that we hope to release soon. See below for our latest Deal, News, Design and Software Feature. If you have any problems or questions…

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Drainage Analysis

OptiSurface Newsletter – 2019 October

Welcome to the OptiSurface Newsletter for October 2019. It’s been three months since our last newsletter. We’ve been busy supporting our clients, promoting through USA/Canada and releasing a new product.  This is outlined in our News Of The Month(s) below. We’re excited to release our new machine control product, OptiWorks, which allows you to survey, design and carry out earthworks all…

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GPS Land Leveling

SAVE UP TO 80% in Earthworks With GPS Land Leveling!  Find out how by clicking HERE. Land leveling plays a crucial role in optimizing agricultural productivity and water management. In recent years, the advent of GPS technology has transformed land leveling practices, offering greater precision and efficiency compared to traditional methods. In this article, we will explore…

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Land Forming

SAVE UP TO 80% in Earthworks With Agricultural Land Forming!  Find out how by clicking HERE. Water Flow The greatest proportion of broad acre irrigation in Australia is flood irrigation. The water is conveyed in open earth channels. It is then applied to the land through some form of outlet in the channel bank. Once on…

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