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OptiSurface Drainage Analysis

OptiSurface Newsletter – 2017 October

Welcome to the August 2017 OptiSurface Newsletter. The News Of The Month features users with different applications for OptiSurface around the world. The Design Of The Month shows demo field for sugarcane production with improved drainage and irrigation. The Feature Of The Month explains the functionality of our Drainage Analysis Tool If you have any problems or questions please reply to…

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Andrew Sevil

OptiSurface Newsletter – 2017 March

Welcome to the March 2017 OptiSurface Newsletter. The News Of The Month features some drone video of OptiSurface landforming in action and a testimonial from a client in North Carolina. We also welcome our new partner who joined us this month. The Design Of The Month shows the details of the Swiss Carrot Field. The Feature Of The Month explains the…

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OptiSurface Landforming Software

Reduce Water Logging By Optimising Traffic Direction With OptiSurface Drainage Analysis

Tim Naele of www.precisionagriculture.com.au discusses on the Conservation Farmers Inc. Newsletter how OptiSurface helped determine the best wheel track direction for a field to significantly reduce water logging. Controlled traffic has been broadly adopted across Australia to help manage the impact of compaction. Over two million hectares of Australia’s cropping areas is now cropped under…

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Laser Leveling Irrigation

SAVE UP TO 80% in Earthworks When Laser Leveling Fields!  Find out how by clicking HERE. Laser leveling system helps conserve moisture Nov 2, 2000  Ron Smith | Southwest Farm Press Saving every drop of rain that falls is extremely important to West Texas farmers who often make do on less than 20 inches a year. Most, including Taylor…

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GPS Land Leveling

SAVE UP TO 80% in Earthworks With GPS Land Leveling!  Find out how by clicking HERE. Land leveling plays a crucial role in optimizing agricultural productivity and water management. In recent years, the advent of GPS technology has transformed land leveling practices, offering greater precision and efficiency compared to traditional methods. In this article, we will explore…

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Optisurface Earthworks Solutions

John Deere iGrade & OptiSurface

How Is OptiSurface Compatible with John Deere iGrade? OptiSurface can produce two types of designs for John Deere IGrade: 1) Planar (Straight or Flat) Design Surfaces (2D) and, 2) Curved Design Surfaces (3D) The differences are explained below. PLANAR DESIGNS (2D) John Deere IGrade by itself can ONLY follow single plane designs. OptiSurface can be used…

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