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Consquences of Poor Drainage

Poor germination A poorly drained soil is essentially a late soil. In any soil the temperature must reach a critical level before germination can take place. The evaporation of excess moisture uses up specific heat of the soil and one which is badly drained will be slower to warm up than that of a well…

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Impact Of Wheel Tracks On Surface Drainage & Yield

Introduction This case study examines the impact that tractor wheel tracks can have on surface drainage and then yield. The case study is from a farm in USA that grows vegetables. The field has some depression area that hold water after rainfall events but this problem is exacerbated by the small furrows create by the ‘controlled…

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Record Harvest Becomes OptiSurface Landforming Software Partner

Jonesboro, Ark. and Nevada, Mo. (AgPR) March 1, 2016 — Arkansas-based OptiSurface, www.OptiSurface.com, Global Sales Manager Preston Marthey announces Record Harvest Enterprises, Inc., www.RecordHarvest.com, of Nevada, Missouri has become an OptiSurface Partner. Record Harvest will provide surface drainage solutions for clients using their patented 3D landform design software. GPS landforming is the reshaping of a fields topography to…

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