Attention: Agricultural Earthmoving Beginners & Specialists

Optimum Surface Landforming Workshop

Discover the Agricultural Landforming Solution That Offers Large Returns
On Investments Through Dramatically Reduced Earthworks & Topsoil Movement

Join us on this 2-Day hands-on experience that will arm you with the technical and business strategies you need to make Optimum Surface Landforming a powerful weapon in your agricultural toolbox.

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Dear Agricultural Managers, Consultants & Earthmoving Contractors


If you are conducting agricultural land leveling (laser grading, landforming) or considering it, I’m proud to invite you to a unique opportunity to learn and master the Optimum Surface Landforming concept from the experts who developed it (us) and who know all the shortcuts and back roads.

Optimum Surface Landforming is a remarkable new landforming system that has proven itself in hundreds of thousands of acres and is ideally suited to many types of farming. The potential benefits are tremendous: much lower earthworks, much lower topsoil disturbance, infield ditches eliminated, easier landform design and easier field setup and operation.

If you are like me, you have tight deadlines and multiple conflicting priorities. Certainly you’ve got no time to take 2 days out of an already overbooked schedule to go to some workshop. (Unless, of course, those 2 days of learning save you many months of excessive earthmoving and your company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in reduced earthworks.)

After our workshop, you will understand the theory and practical application of Optimum Surface Landforming. But you’ll also know where the opportunities lie. You’ll be the one who leads your organization to the next wave of agricultural land development.

 “Must I really embrace the latest and greatest to stay competitive?”

Maybe you’re thinking, “We don’t have to be state-of-the-art to stay competitive. We just need to be steady and dependable like we always have been.” Well, that’s what a lot of growers thought before laser grading came along. A paradigm shift is happening and you need to know about it.

You simply cannot afford to learn it from your own mistakes. You need to learn from the people who have mastered it! That’s why I persuaded the Optimum Surface Landforming concept developers combined with the machine control hardware experts, to come and teach this course! You want to follow the lessons learned by this team. They will hold nothing back, giving you maximum information, packed into a session you won’t want to miss.

Having optimum surface landforming expertise may mean the difference between your next agricultural project being a success for you and your company, or a struggle, moving too much earth and disturbing too much topsoil and being behind competitors who have gone on ahead of you.

If this workshop saves you…

  • the earthworks savings we typically see on a single field,
  • or the yield reductions due to excessive topsoil movement on one single farm field,
  • or gives you a competitive edge on one single project, then

                                    … this workshop will pay for itself many times over!

Here’s what we have planned.

Our Objectives Are:

  • Introduce Optimum Surface Landforming to agricultural earthmoving beginners and specialists
  • To enhance the ability of drainage and irrigation designers.
  • To reduce the cost of landforming
  • To enable more land to be landformed by reducing costs.
  • Networking and sharing Best Practice ideas between attendees
  • Live demonstrations and comparisons to other systems

Day 1 – Theory, Technology  And Application

Landforming Overview

  •  The concept and theory
  • Why laser grading is dead!
  • How to dramatically reduce earthworks while achieving water management requirements
  • Comparisons to other systems: laser, Multiplane
  • How to know when Optimum Surface Landforming
    is not the best choice

Design Software 

  • Software Overview
  • Strategies for specific applications:
    furrow irrigation, centre pivots,
    drip irrigation, rainfed drainage,
    horticulture, etc
  •  Case studies – See how other users
    have reduced earthworks by up to 86%
  • Open question and answer session

Field Hardware

  • GNSS GPS concept and theory
  • Machinery requirements and setup
  • A little-known operational procedure
    can save you heaps of time and heartache
  • Stability issues: Common problems with
    GPS and machinery and how to avoid them
  • Open question and answer session

Day 2 – Hands On Design Software Training

Attendees will be trained on OptiSurface Designer Software

  • Carry out designs for furrow irrigation, centre pivots, drip irrigation, rainfed drainage,
  • Runoff analysis to examine erosion risk and design for it
  • Drainage analysis to examine water logging risk from surface ponding and flow paths
  • Tricks to handle left of field requirements


Bothaville, South Africa



  • 21-22 May, 2018
  • 9am to 4pm

Come for the Nampo Ag Show The Thursday and Friday Before and stay for training.

Venue: To be announced

Tuition Fee: US$1997, Partner discounts apply as per your plan.

Trainer: Dr Graeme Cox, BEng (Ag, 1st Hon)

Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA



  • 20-21 June, 2018
  • 9am to 4pm

Venue: To be announced

Tuition Fee: $1997 USD, Partner discounts apply as per your plan if you are a partner.

Trainer: Dr Graeme Cox, BEng (Ag, 1st Hon)

Gold Coast, Australia



  • 23-24 August, 2018
  • 9am to 4pm

Venue: To be announced

Tuition Fee: $1997 AUD + GST, Partner discounts apply as per your plan if you are a partner.

Trainer: Dr Graeme Cox, BEng (Ag, 1st Hon)

Spaces are limited. The maximum class size is 12 people so every student will have good access to the trainer. So please don’t delay or you will miss out.

Register your interest now by clicking the button here to send us an email.  An online registration form will be emailed to you and the first to enroll will be reserved a spot.


Graeme Cox
Co Founder, Davco OptiSurface

What You Get: Morning & Afternoon Tea + Workshop +  OptiSurface Designer Software 30 day Trial.

What to Bring: Your own laptop to install the software on and learn with.

Ordinary people learn from experience.

Wise people learn from OTHER peoples’ experience.

REGISTER YOUR INTERESTSpaces Are Limited & Fill Fast

This comprehensive 2 Day course is designed for . . .

Your Trainers

Graeme Cox, PhD BEng Ag (Hon)

Graeme is the Engineering Director for DAVCO Farming and Cofounder of Davco OptiSurface Pty Ltd. He is an Agricultural Engineer, graduating in 1996 with first class honours. He also earned his Ph.D. in Sugar Cane Precision Agriculture from the University of Southern Queensland in 2002. He has over 12 years experience as a consulting engineer in the fields of farm irrigation design, water engineering, flooding, hydrology and environmental impact assessments. His research and extensive background were instrumental in developing the patent-pending OptiSurface landforming system.

Preston Marthey “Agricultural Earthmoving Expert” 

Preston is the Global Sales Manager for DAVCO OptiSurface. Since he was a child he has grown up around agricultural earthworks technology. He has over 25 years experience in the fields of precision agriculture, agricultural earthworks, lasers and GPS. His has surveyed and designed 150,000 acres and sold over $7 million of laser, GPS and machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconCan you arrange accommodation and transport for me?

    We can have our local travel agent contact you and handle this for you.

  • q-iconDo I own the software at the end?

    No. You get a 30 day trial licence of the OptiSurface Designer software to take home on your computer to view and modify any designs provided in the workshop, however you will need to purchase OptiSurface Credits to allow you to design more acres based on our pay as you go model.

  • q-iconCan I get a discount if I own the software already?

    No because we don’t provide any credits with the new licence. It you are part of the OptiSurface Partner program you are entitled to a discount as shown in your membership area.

  • q-iconCan you provide a computer for me to work on?

    We do have limited computers that we can provide for an additional fee  of $195. You must give us 2 weeks notice if this is required.

REGISTER YOUR INTERESTSpaces Are Limited & Fill Fast