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Tripod Farmers take up Trimble FieldLevel2 3D machine control system and Optisurface Designer

Prominent Victorian lettuce growers Tripod Farmers have enlisted the services of BMS LaserSat to implement the installation of a Trimble RTK GPS/GNSS FieldLevel2 3D machine control levelling system to be fitted to their recently purchased NH T8040 tractor and 3200 JNR scraper to be used in conjunction with Optisurface Designer for their row/bay raised sprinklers irrigation system used across the fields for the purpose of managing the water drainage from rows/beds.

The ability to collect survey data using hardware from the FL2 system either in the levelling tractor and scoop unit or transfering to a vehicle or fitted to another tractor being used for another application makes for a versatile equation.

Optisurface Designer minimizes the earthworks required by utilizing min/max slope constraints for main slope and cross slope and smoothing to work in tandem with the field’s tail water drain to exhaust water from the field drainage point. Sub zones can created to manage the tail drain water movement along the field’s bottom boundary to it’s final exhaust point.

This field has previously been lasered at a 90 degree angle to the current row direction and requires substantial fill mid field in some areas for the water managment process to work effeciently.

The haul/cart lenght can be adjusted by changing the min/max constraints and adding sub zones for areas that require constraint parameters that are not applicable to other portions of the field for time saving and overall cost reductions as part of the total package.

Tractor traffic zones holding back water from the end of field after a rain event not allowing access to this bay area.

Survey data collection in a vehicle using hardware from the FL2 system with in the sprinkler bay areas. Note

the formation of the raised sprinklers used as the irrigation process.

Optisurface 1D cut fill map generated from the Designer Program showing areas of cut in red/yellow and fill in purple/blue with on grade in green.

Control data loaded to the FL2 system after being exported from Optisurface Designer and reshaping of the field starting to take shape.

Minimal cuts of top soil being taken, part of the Optisurface Designer process in reshaping the field.

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