German Vegetables

Saved 60% In Earthworks

Location: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Field Area: 8 ha or 20 acres
Irrigation: No Irrigation or Rainfed
Crops: Cabbage

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Soeren Gimmini
Farmer, Germany


An 8-ha cabbage farm in Germany was looking for ways to improve water surface drainage especially in the wet season where the area experiences heavy rains. The farmer was also looking for a solution that will move as little earth as possible.

Existing Topography

The design calls for the field not to drain to the South and Southwest side of the field as there is always another crop planted there.  An existing channel along the North boundary can be used as the exit point of drain water from the field.  Water can also drain to the East where there's a ditch in front of the road.

Existing Topography Drainage Analysis

Proposed Topography

Proposed Cut/Fill Map

Proposed Flow Paths Map



An OptiSurface4Way has been calculated and a ridge subzone was used along the South and Southwest boundary to prevent water from exiting through those areas.  Significant smoothing was applied and a Minimum Slope was set at 0.10%, higher than usual as the region regularly experience heavy downpours.

The resulting earthworks was 188 m3/ha (laser level design results to 485 m3/ha).  OptiSurface saved more than 60% earthworks compared to traditional laser level designs.

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