OptiSurface Designer

The Leading Farm Earthworks Design Software

Compatible With These Machines & GPS:


    Import Field Surveys From Any RTK GPS and UAV


    Fast, Easily & With Lowest Earthworks Due To Unique AI.


    Export Control Files for Most Machine Control Systems.

How Does It Work?

Basic Steps

OptiSurface Designer imports field survey files produced by most RTK GPS receivers. First, view your topography in 3D and carry out analysis to look at water flows to diagnose problems. Then design solutions using either landform design, drain networks, or erosion control structures. Finally, export the design to files that can be loaded onto the majority of machine control systems available.

What You Get

  • OptiSurface Designer Software App

What You Require

  • Microsoft Windows Computer
  • Topography Data Recorded By RTK GPS
  • Compatible Machine Control System (eg. OptiWorks, Trimble Field Level 2, AGPS DIRT, etc)
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Powerful Features

Landform Designs

Create surface designs to suit all types of farming.

  • Furrow irrigation
  • Pivot and lateral move irrigation
  • Rainfed drainage

Water Flow Simulation

See where water flows and ponds, including the effects of machinery traffic direction or furrows (where applicable).

Erosion Risk Simulation

Exclusive simulation applies a 1-in-10 year storm to your field and produces maps of runoff depth & velocity to highlight areas of erosion risk, before and after erosion control designs.

Designs Unlimited

Easily Design Terraces, Contour Banks, Rice Levees and Drains.

Water Reservoir Design

  • Design embankments of any shape with automatic calculation of batters
  • Calculate earthworks volumes and automatically rebalance
  • Calculate storage volume curves

Flexible Design

Balance earthworks across a field & subareas, not just in strips.

Work with Multiple fields at the same time to perform whole farm design.

Stunning Reports 

Automatically generate stunning views of your designs and display them as:

  • PDF Design Reports
  • Google Earth Overlays
  • OptiSurface Cloud (Online Sharing)
  • OptiSurface Mobile (Apple IOS Devices)

Seamless Transfers

  • Easy import from most RTK GPS systems.
  • Seamless export to more machine control & guidance systems.
GET PRICINGDiscover How OptiSurface Designer Can Save Your Farming Operation

10 Benefits Of OptiSurface Designer

Make The Ground You Have More Productive

  • 1

    Fully 3D Interface

  • 2

    Bigger Earthworks Savings

  • 3

    Unique Water Velocity Calculations

  • 4

    Unique Furrow Irrigation Optimization

  • 5

    Unique Surface Types for Dryland Drainage

  • 6

    Faster soil warm-up

  • 7

    Less disease

  • 8

    Less weeds

  • 9

    Less compaction

  • 10

    Better soil aeration

Out of the box, OptiSurface Designer has more compatibility, features and functionality than competing systems

Our unique AI optimization technology achieves cost savings of up to $500/acre through lower earthworks. This makes the program pay for itself in the first field.

Big Cost Savings

Larger earthworks savings due to our unique patented technology. OptiSurface Designer can calculate surfaces that are up to 80% lower in Earthworks compared to traditional planar designs (laser-type).

Fully 3D

Amazing 3D working views with vertical exaggeration allows instant understanding of the topography and slopes unprecedented.

Leading Farmers & Contractors Trust OptiSurface

"I was impressed by just how little work had to be done, have we'd been doing it the traditional way of moving dirt in the early 90s, we would have done 4x the work."

Michael Gray
Wakefield Partners, USA

"OptiSurface Designer gives a lot of decision tools, and design options that enable you to make informed decisions, and also gives the cheapest earthworks options."

Trevor Beaumont
Irrigation Engineer, Asia & Africa

"Algorithms are the best in the business, no question. Bigger earthworks savings."

Andrew Sevil
'Whyenbah' Farm, Australia

"We've had about 12" of rain and water has been flowing through that paddock we OptiSurfaced, but it is draining brilliantly. You can't believe how much better it is!"

"We harvested about 20 per cent more crop from the OptiSurfaced area following a flood in March.  We are confident the investment is already paying off."

Wade Bidstrup
Aloe Farming, Australia

"OptiSurface Designer is very simple to use and easy to understand how to make a plan."

Recommendation Rating: 10/10

Martin Baril
Quebec, Canada

Our Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  We are so confident that you’ll love our product that if you’re not happy for any reason, simply send all components back to us within 30 days in good condition and we’ll happily refund your money.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is OSD?

OptiSurface Designer is a mouthful and is often shortened to OSD in communication, just like in these FAQ's.

What kind of GPS do I need?

OSD can import field survey data from virtually any GPS receiver and exports control files to more systems than any other farm earthworks software. The following are some of the common GPS Control systems used to:

- Our Very Own OptiWorks

- Trimble/CaseIH Field Level 2

- AGPS/AWM/Geologic Dirt

- PTS Terra Cutta

- Topcon (limited cut/fill display)

- Civil GPS systems (via conversion step)

If you have a system that you are unsure about email us at support@optisurface.com

Do I need RTK GPS?

YES. OSD relies on accurate GPS elevation and position data to produce useful designs. It is only as accurate as the incoming GPS data. If you are using low accuracy GPS, your elevation data can have a random error of meters/feet.

For the best vertical accuracy you should have a GNSS Receiver on the rover and base station. Also, the base station should be within 1 km or 1/2 mile of the operating machine. This should give you sub-inch vertical accuracy most of the time.

How do I get support?

While we designed OSD to be as simple as possible, there may be times when you need a little help! Your Dealer should be your first line of support, and they will have access to higher levels of support if needed to solve your issue. If you ordered online or we direct-shipped your system to you then please call us at +1 870-340-2020 or email: support@optisurface.com

Does OSD offer variable slope designs?

YES. We pioneered variable slope designs and we call them OptiSurfaces and OptiLines. It allows you to enter a minimum and maximum slope, a smoothing factor and other parameters if required. OSD will then compute a optimized profile or surface that will save you up to 80% in earth moving compared to constant grade designs.

Can I create curved ditch paths?

YES. With OptiSurface you can create ditch designs on curved or straight paths.

Can I use OSD for tiling?

In theory yes. We have developed a basic sub-surface design module for designing tile drainage layouts, however this module is still in beta phase but if you'd like to test it out, let us know.

What kind of computer do I need?

OSD runs on Microsoft Windows Operating System. 

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP
Processor:  Intel® Pentium® Dual Core or AMD Athlon™ II Dual Core; 3.0 GHz
RAM:  2 GB
Hard Drive Storage:  20 GB
Video Card:  nVidia or AMD (formerly ATI) card with 256 MB of video RAM
Screen Resolution:  1280 X 1024
Note: Most computers newer than 3yrs old include these capabilities

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
Processor:  Intel® Core™ Quad Core or AMD Phenom™ II Quad Core; 3.0 GHz or higher
RAM:  4 GB or more
Hard Drive Storage:  20 GB or more
Video Card:  nVidia or AMD (formerly ATI) card with 2 GB or more of video RAM
Screen Resolution:  1920 X 1080 or more

Note:  Netbooks (mini laptops) are generally not recommended as these have slower processors, mostly at 1 GHz range.

Does it run on iPads or Android tablets?

No, sorry. Not Yet. However we can export our designs to OptiSurface Mobile for viewing out in the field. OptiSurface Mobile is only available for Apple IOS devices currently. Search the Apple App Store to find and download it currently available for download for free. 

Do I need Internet or a data plan?

NO. A data plan on your tablet can be useful for support and emailing surveys and designs from the office or third-parties, however it is not required. You will need the computer to be connected to the internet during activation of the software with our activation code that you will be provided.

Can I design for multiple machines?

YES. You can import surveys and control files to and from multiple machines easily. 

Can I use OSD for levelling?

YES. You can design planes with single or dual slopes using a plain of best fit or fixed-slopes. The slopes calculated can be typed into a laser transmitter if required, however most of our designs go out as control files to GPS-based machine control systems. 

How do I know if my particular type of design is supported?

OSD includes the widest range of design capability of any available farm earthworks software.  Contact us if you have a scenario that's not currently listed in the details above and odds are we can accommodate you.

Still have questions? Call us on +1 870-340-2020 (USA) or 0405 686 425 (AUS) or email: support@optisurface.com

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