OptiSurface Designer

The Leading Farm Earthworks Design Software

Compatible With These Machines & GPS:


    Import Field Surveys From Any RTK GPS and UAV


    Fast, Easily & With Lowest Earthworks Due To Unique AI.


    Export Control Files for Most Machine Control Systems.

Powerful Features

Landform Design

Create surface designs to suit all types of farming:

  • Furrow irrigation
  • Drainage for drip, pivot and lateral move irrigation
  • Rainfed drainage
  • And more

More Design Control

  • Balance earthworks across a field & subareas, not just in strips
  • Work with multiple fields at the same time to perform whole farm design
  • Subzones to completely control to produce the desired design

Drain & Road Design

Create designs for linear features such as:

  • Ditch networks
  • Levees
  • Roads, etc

Erosion Control Design

Create designs to eliminate ersoion such as:

  • Terraces
  • Graded Contour Banks
  • Waterways
  • Dry Dams

Reservoir Design

  • Design embankments of any shape with automatic calculation of batters
  • Calculate earthworks volumes and automatically rebalance
  • Calculate storage volume curves

Optimal Haul Analysis

Unique patent pending analysis shows:

  • Shows optimal paths to haul earth
  • Easy to interpret for inexperience operators
  • Save even more costs reducing machine hours

Surface Drainage Analysis

  • Water Flow Paths
  • Depressions
  • Effects furrows/bed and machinery traffic

Storm Runoff Analysis

Exclusive simulation technology:

  • Applies a 1-in-10 year storm event to your field
  • Maps of runoff depth & velocity to highlight areas of erosion risk
  • Use before and after erosion control designs to show where problems will be and how thay are mitigated

Seamless Transfer

  • Import surveys from most RTK GPS systems.
  • Export to most 3D machine control systems.
  • Export to most tractor steering guidance systems.

Beautiful Reports 

Automatically generate reports of your designs as:

  • PDF Design Reports
  • Google Earth Overlays
  • OptiSurface Cloud (Online Sharing)
  • OptiSurface Mobile (Apple IOS Devices)
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